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     The Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-like Conjugation Database (UUCD) is a comprehensive database containing 129,416 potential proteins collected from 148 sequenced proteomes. To date, UUCD 2.0 has included E1s (ubiquitin-activating enzymes), E2s (ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes), E3s (ubiquitin ligases), DUBs (deubiquitinating enzymes), UBDs (ubiquitin-binding domain containing proteins) and ULDs (ubiquitin like domain containing proteins) of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modifications.

    UUCD 2.0 classifies all the E1s,E2s, E3s, DUBs, UBDs and ULDs into 70 families from 68 animals (Ensembl), 39 plants (EnsemblPlants) and 41 fungi (EnsemblFungi). Besides, UUCD 2.0 provides annotation information for all these proteins in the database, including the basic information, functional domains, Genbank accession, GO annotations, orthologs, PROSITE, Interpro, Pfam, SMART and cross links to other databases. Users can browse the database:(i) By species; (ii) By classifications

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